Top Gifts for Momma Self Care

This year has been absolute hell and this momma needs a bit of me-time. This mom needs some self-care.  I need some time alone with the kids just shutting up and letting me take care of myself. Does this feel a bit strong? Yes, it does but seriously strong times call for strong sell care measures.


Here is my list of the top products for momma self-care that I’ve found.


1) Longevity Labs

I have no idea what spermidineLIFE is but it’s made by Longevity Labs and that happy little pill helps with hair healthy and skin health. Now this pandemic has basically killed me as a mom  so I need any boost that I can get.  This gives me that booth and is just a quick easy hit to my vitamin routine.   I feel like, if anything, this pandemic has taught me self care and this gives me that extra help I really need.


2) Oclean

Makes oral health products that are the next level. This particular toothbrush needs to be recharged but once a year. The oral irrigator is a health step I never knew I wanted but now that I’m doing it, it’s a part of my routine. Between the two of them I’m spending an extra few minutes in the bathroom, but I’m taking care of me and isn’t that what’s most important. Plus, I don’t think I’m ever going back to my old toothbrush.  Check them out at Oclean.



3) CoLab Dry Shampoo

I seriously have no time anymore. I mean, I’m constantly running. My husband is giving me digs because I’ve not had time to shower in like two days.  But it feels like we are running more and more lately, so what do you expect?

Either way, this overnight renew is a perfect quick fix. I’m running crazy, I can throw it in my hair and then: Boom! I’m happy.

It’s actually on sale right now.


4)  Ayam

Ayam makes organic care important. I’ve been basically using hotel bars of soap to save a buck or two, but don’t I deserve more?  These are Paraben free, which if you have allergies, believe me, make a world of difference.  Plus these have the dead sea minerals which I feel like takes me away from the screaming little kids!  This weekend they’re having a Black Friday Sale.

5)  Verb’s Body Wash + Body Lotion and Gemmist

This photo has two products which are both so awesome. The first is: Verb’s Body Wash + Body Lotion. The company has a focus on self care and that’s my theme here. The idea is that we stress our bodies so much, that we need a little extra something to keep us going. Here is that happy something.

It’s like going to the spa in your own home.

Gemmist is on the right and what I love is that they have a simply quiz to match you right up to the right product.  Answer a few questions and you can get the perfect product to match your happy hair. Maybe you actually have five minutes to take a shower, and now’s your chance to feel and look great.



6)  Dune Jewelry

This jewelry definitely has a nice spiritual element to it and puts me in a happy state of zen.  Each bracelet is made with the sand fro all seven continents.  Not only does it look beautiful as a beach girl, I just love the connection. Have you ever collected beach sand in a bottle?  Well, now you can zen away and wear it on your wrist.

7)  Ducalm MD

Sometimes I am running around so much I barely have the time to take a moment of piece, let alone shower.  Hooray! Ducalm has these cool deodorant wipes.  Plus, you’ll see they have these face cleaners too. I love that you can just pick these up straight at Ride Aid so for a last minute gift, they’re a great idea.  Plus the quality was much better than the usual stuff that I’ve seen. The facial cleanser is now on my bathroom sink and the deodorant wipes are in my car for after a run.




8)  Preggo Pickles

Okay, I’m not pregnant but the kids give me a bit of stomach pain every so often and a little ginger or garlic is all this momma needs.  To me, pickles are one of the greatest snacks for Momma.  I mean they’re tasty, amazing and zero calories.  What more can you ask out of life?  But these are adorably little bite sized and basically make the perfect shower gift too.

9)  Viewstar

Momma needs a good nap.  She’s exhausted and tired.  This pillow and mattress protector are so comfortable and wonderful.  They are soft and fluffy and so wonderful that it’s just a lovely treat for mom!  Plus they’re really affordable and can get right to your house in no time flat.