Top New Bathroom Products

Top New Bathroom Products

Ah, the bathroom, that sacred sanctuary where we often embark on our most profound journeys—both physically and mentally. It’s a place of self-reflection, epiphanies, and, occasionally, unpleasant surprises. But, fret not, for the bathroom has evolved, and so have its accessories. We present to you a take on the top new bathroom products that will not only tickle your funny bone but also elevate your bathroom experience.

Hey Bambu

Hey Bambu brings us a toilet paper revolution that doesn’t just promise comfort but also sustainability. Made entirely from bamboo, this toilet paper isn’t your run-of-the-mill tissue. Bamboo, you see, grows faster than your weekend beard, without the need for nasty chemicals. So, every time you use it, you’re basically hugging a tree. Not literally, of course.

But wait, there’s more! HeyBambu’s commitment to eco-friendliness extends to their packaging, which is entirely plastic-free. And, they plant a tree with every order, because who doesn’t want to be part of a tree-planting gang? So, whether you’re wiping away life’s troubles or contemplating your existence, do it with HeyBambu toilet paper, and save the planet while you’re at it.


Glade PlugIns® Scented Oil Warmer

Moving on from your bum to your olfactory senses, Glade PlugIns® is here to elevate your bathroom’s fragrance game. Their MaxControl technology gives you the power to turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise or a cozy cabin in the woods. It’s like a mood ring for your nose.

Now, you can enjoy scents like Clean Linen while contemplating life’s messes. The best part? It’s not some behemoth diffuser taking up space; it’s a plug-in, the size of a friendly gecko. With various scents available, you can mix and match fragrances for every room, ensuring your bathroom smells like a breeze in Aqua Waves. And, these scents last for 60 days—imagine 60 days of tropical vacation vibes in your bathroom!


Lysol Disinfectants

Ah, cleanliness, the cornerstone of any bathroom experience. Lysol knows that a sanitary bathroom is a happy bathroom. Their Disinfecting Wipes are your trusty sidekicks in the battle against germs. After all, who wants to catch the “back-to-school plague,” especially when it’s not even back to school?

But Lysol isn’t stopping there. They’ve introduced the Air Sanitizer, a wizardly concoction that not only eliminates odors but also battles airborne viruses and bacteria. It’s like having a personal guardian angel for your bathroom. In this post-COVID world, we’re all a little paranoid about invisible foes, so why not add an extra layer of protection to your daily rituals?

There you have it, the top new bathroom products that are here to make your bathroom experience comfortable, entertaining, and germ-free. Whether you’re pampering yourself with bamboo toilet paper, turning your bathroom into a fragrant paradise, or waging war on bacteria and viruses, these products have your back. So, next time you embark on your bathroom escapades, remember that you’re doing it in style. Happy bathroom adventures!