Top Pet Products for the Holidays

This has been a stressful year, and many of us have been blessed to get comfort from our furry companions.  So, this holiday season, let’s not forget to pamper them back a little bit in return for all their licks, loves, and snuggles.  Here are some ideas to please even picky pets and pet owners:

For dog owners with pups with those lovable and squishy faces, you have to always make sure to show love to those folds.  Squishface Wrinkle Paste is a protective barrier that is applied right in those wrinkles where dirt and bacteria gather.  Instead of germs, moisture, and smell, nuzzle your furry love and know that you are keeping them clean, healthy, and happy.  Squishface is hypo-allergenic and made with plant based ingredients since the skin in the folds can some times be more sensitive.  Use Squishface to clean not only wrinkles, but tear stains and tail pockets on any dog.  It is gentle enough for everyday use, and you only need to use about the same amount as you use toothpaste.  Check out Squishface products at

Wondercide is a line of natural and extremely effective products to protect your beloved pets, and even your family.  Flea and tick, insect, and pest control is an issue that plagues all pet owners, and there are a lot of unsafe and unhealthy products on the market.  Wondercide is made with naturally derived ingredients and no harsh chemicals.  Therapeutic grade essential oils are some of the main ingredients, but also provide the pleasant scents to choose from: peppermint, rosemary, cedar, and lemongrass.  Wondercide has products that span from products to directly put on your cat or dog to products to products for yard and home.  The Flea and Tick Spray Scent Sampler is a great place to start and comes in a convenient box to order for yourself or as a gift.  Check out the sampler and more at

Bark Potty is the perfect choice for those indoor dogs, or people who are tired of using pee pads.  The “Dog Park in a Box” is natural and easy to use and will be less mess and hassle than pee pads, and can replace the use of up to 60 pee pads!  The Bark Potty box is made with natural and recyclable materials that controls odors.  The lined box prevents leaks and is easy to move around.  Made with real bark, the Bark Potty is recyclable, antimicrobial, and also has scents that encourage dogs to “go.”  You can choose one or three month subscriptions, it is easy to get what is needed for your pup’s potty needs.  Bark Potty subscriptions also come with free shipping, and can be canceled at any time.  The components used in Bark Potty are sourced from sustainable and responsible suppliers, and the company actively supports nonprofits and organizations that give back to the planet.  Order your Bark Potty subscription at

Kitty Cardboard is the perfect gift for those feline friends as we all know that cats LOVE cardboard boxes.  Kitty Cardboard comes flat when shipped, but is easy to pop up and put together.  It is good for small to medium cats, and they can enjoy napping or relaxing in there and being able to see out, and they really enjoyed when I threw a toy in there and they rolled around inside the box playing with it.  Kitty Cardboard has a wide variety of themed boxes, not just for the holidays, but also for everyday fun, and allows for some “awwwwww” worthy pictures!  The boxes provide comfort and security for cats as they get used to a new environment, have to travel, or just for everyday naps and play.  Kitty Cardboard donates products to animals shelters and pet organizations across the country, and donate a portion of their proceeds as well, and I love that we can support another company that looks to give back.  Delivery is also very quick, and it only takes 2-5 business days to arrive.  Check out and order one at


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