Top Ten High Point North Carolina

C. Zito lives in a town that’s known for one thing and one thing only and that’s furniture. High Point, North Carolina; not many people have heard of it and not many people knew there was a place for this. But there is; there’s a place known for being the home of furniture. Who would’ve thought that the stuff that takes up most of the space in your house has a town just for that alone?
Well, it does. And A. C. Zito, a new and upcoming indie writer that focuses on science fiction would like to give a tour of what to do, where to go, and what buzzes in a town known for its chairs, couches, tables, and cushions.
1) Debeen Espresso

Looking for a mellow place to grab a cup of coffee? Not only is Debeen Espresso great for slurping down High Point’s finest caffeinated beverages but also is great for a place to chill, do yoga, and talk with friends. The vibes are great for any age whether your a teen that wants to go hang out with friends or a mom that wants a place to girl talk with her buddies. Debeen is the prime spot to be when wanting somewhere to hang out when your in town.



2) Penny Path Café

Where else would you go to get the most delicious desserts around? Not only does Penny Path have scrumptious bites to eat when the sweet tooth hits but if your a vegetarian than this place is perfect for you. It doesn’t serve meat and is the only place in town that doesn’t. If your looking to deal with that stomach rumbling than head on over to Penny Path Café located in downtown High Point where you can’t go wrong!


3) Blue Bourbon Jack
Looking for live music? Once the kids go to bed stop by Blue Bourbon Jack for some tunes that get played out right before your very eyes. Blue Bourbon is a great place to go and have some fun if you decide to go out on the town. Known for playing some great performances you can’t wrong with the music played at this local stop in High Point.


4) Blue Rock Pizza
Are you hungry and can’t get that stomach to stop growling? Well, head on over to Blue Rock Pizza where the pizza is off the charts! You won’t find better pizza in all of High Point. Blue Rock is a hippie themed pizza restaurant with iconic names of songs and bands making up their menu. So you can say it’s not just the pizza that’s pretty groovy!

5) Biscuit Factory

Who could miss the iconic sign? When you’re in High Point there’s no better fast food than Biscuit Factory fast food. Home to the best breakfast on the planet get your very own biscuit, egg, and bacon sandwich, and you won’t go wrong. Also a great lunch menu too if you’re not looking for a biscuit breakfast than get yourself a cheeseburger or a hot dog covered in chili. Your stomach will thank you after you finish up at the Biscuit Factory.

6) The Dog House

Home of the best hot dogs in the entire South, High Point’s very own The Dog House is the coolest little hot dog diner you’ve ever been to. Sit at one of the booths or grab a seat at bar, this place will make you feel like your traveling back in time being one of the homiest places in town. And did I mention it’s basically underground so it has to be one of the coolest places downtown High Point has to offer!

7) Alex’s House

Alex’s House is a cute, little diner that serves the best sandwiches in all of town. Whether it be you want a BLT or club sandwich you can’t go wrong with this sandwich place.

8) Brown Truck

Best watering hole in the town is hands down Brown Truck. They have a great list of beer on tap and what’s cool about Brown Truck is the outside area. Stay nice and cozy by their outside fire while you have your drink.

9) Oscar’s
Best hole-in-the-wall has to be Oscar’s. Their burgers are to die for, and it has to be the greatest little gem that no one else knows about due to how it’s off to the side of downtown High Point.

10) Mayberry’s

You know you’ve been craving it. That sweet tooth of yours is bad, and you need some ice cream. Stop by Mayberry’s to get that banana split you and the family need now that the evening is almost over and ice cream is on everyone’s mind.

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