Top Ten Burgers in California’s Bay Area by San Francisco rock band Static and Surrender

6- Zeitgeist, San Francisco
It’s mostly the scene that makes this one worth mentioning (it’s an old biker bar that the hipsters basically took over, as per most of the inner Mission neighborhood) but the scene is one of the best hangs on nice afternoon in SF, which can be somewhat rare as it tends to be foggy and chilly the better half of the year. But when the suns out, this is the spot. Huge outdoor beer garden (I know, I know) with games, tons of picnic tables and counter ordering for solid BBQ grill burgers.

7- Finnegan’s Marin, Novato
This solid neighborhood Irish bar in a mostly sleepy little Northern Marin County town boasts a memorable, super juicy grass-fed beef burger on a deliciously buttered and grilled bun that I basically can’t not stop for when I’m passing through the neighborhood.


8- Spruce, Presidio Heights, San Francisco
This is a fancy and upscale restaurant that has what is basically a perfect restaurant hamburger. It is for $20 (plus $1 for really fancy cheese) but it’s worth it. And for double the price, you can add Fois Gras if you really want to eat all the meats. Only kicker is that it’s only available at lunch.

9- Chow on Church, San Francisco
The only reason this one is at 9 on this list is because it’s technically not a hamburger, but a lamb burger. But man is it good. It’s a big seasoned lamb patty that comes on an amazing SF artisan sourdough bun with yogurt sauce and tomato. Can’t recommend it enough. And it’s right at Church and Market, in the crux of some of SF’s most unique and influential cultural areas, the Casto, the Mission and the Lower Haight. Also used to live in this neighborhood and I sure do miss having this gem of a sandwich at my disposal.

Chow Church

10- In-N-Out Burger, Everywhere, CA
It’s fast food, but it’s high quality, mostly natural fast food. And it’s everywhere, and it’s amazing. Get a Double Double ask for it “Animal Style”. Trust Me.

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