Trifecta Makes Healthy Meals That You Can Heat Right Up

Trifecta Nutrition

As a vegetarian, finding Trifecta  has been a godsend. Now, don’t let that introduction fool you. They make more than vegetarian meals, but for some reason finding a vegetarian meal service has been an extra level of a challenge.

Heat and Serve


I love these meals as they are literally just heat and serve.  A few of the options I’ve seen are basically things you need to prep and Momma “don’t got time for that”! Ain’t nobody got time for that. You can heat them on a skillet but I did the less recommended option of the microwave. They totally tasted fine and were super quick.


Secondly, I found the price pretty reasonable, but you need to really consider your comparables.

If you consider how much it costs to order delivery, this is ridiculously cheap and affordable. However, if you’re comparing them to a tv dinner, they’re expensive.  That said, if you’re comparing them to a tv dinner, you have to think of the quality.


These things are organic, chef-made, and delicious. They are absolutely the quality you’ll get from a local high-end restaurant.
I only posted a few in the picture, but I tried about six of them. My favorites have been the chili with Beyond Beef crumbles and the Thai.


I found these meals to be exactly what I was looking for in terms of mail-order meals. I am 100% ordering these again. Any way I look at it, speed, quality and price, it’s so much better than what I have now. Last night, the kids wanted to order pizza. And keep healthy isn’t easy when you have a pizza in front of you. I just pulled one of these out and heated it up, and I was done.

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