If you are as sick as me of purchasing the same old gifts for the same old occasion I have a great way for you to shake it up!  I just received my awesome and totally personalized hard cover book from Twigtale and I couldn’t be happier.  My kids and I created the ultimate hard cover book about the “World’s Greatest Dad” which included a few cute pictures along the way.  I loved how easy the website was to use; no slow downloads and you can very simply change some of the wording to make the dialogue fit your family (we changed the “I” to “we” so that both of my kids would be included but you can basically edit the entire narrative as you like).  The book is such a beautiful and creative touch to our living room coffee table.  I also adore how my kids were fighting over who got to read each page out loud!  This book cost $29.99 (less for soft cover).  There are other subject options including emotions, sharing, all about you (“I am a boy” and “I am a girl”), changes (new bed, new school, moving, family changes, loss) and so much more.  I was so impressed with the website and how there is literally a book for everyone.  These are great Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Baby, Birthday and really any day gifts.  You can even create your own from the ground up.  For more info: 2


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