Two Great Men’s Skincare Options

Let’s face it—we always forget about our men’s spa/skincare needs.  They always seem so easy to get ready and tough, but hey…they need some TLC too.

Here are two great men’s skincare products we are checking out:

ManBasics: This is a full line of “speakeasy” style beard and skincare items that are 100 percent all-natural.  Their All Natural Beard Balm – Mojito Blend ($20) is a great balm featuring mint, lime, and rosemary essential oils.  The Mojito Beard Oil ($17) same concept.  Actually, all of their scent lines emulate your favorite cocktail and smell awesome without the alcohol.  They strengthen your beard and nourish your face.  What could be better?  Beer Soap – Oatmeal Stout ($10) is this great smelling soap that will have you clean as a whistle but smelling like an oatmeal cookie.  Our personal favorite from this line is their Pure Copper Double Edge Safety Razor ($45).  This is a great razor—very heavy-duty but super comfortable in your hand.  Very easy to use.  My husband’s new favorite.

Reuzel Hair and Body Products:  Great old-school barber-style products here.  Their daily shampoo is my husband’s new jam.  The cost is about $16.50 and a great blend of witch hazel, nettle leaf, rosemary, and horsetail root.  Perfect for everyday use on all hair types.  The blue pomade is great for all-day hair security but without the weird hardening and flakes.  No build-up either; it comes out of the hair super easy in the shower.  The scent is warm vanilla meets wood—very manly and perfect.  So many other great items in the world of skin, hair, and grooming. You must check them out.

Think great men’s skincare products for Father’s Day!