Ultimate At Home Churro Kit – San Diablo Artisan Churros

This is our month for parties and celebrating!  For the next few weeks and even after the holiday’s we are kind of in “see our family/friends” mode.  I have the greatest thing to have on hand for whatever celebration comes your way!  The Churro Fiesta In A Box by San Diablo Artisan Churros ($59.99).  This is great for family night, date night, holiday celebrations, girls night in, sports tailgating parties and more.

We received a box to check out this week and could have been more excited to try it out!  Here is what comes in the box:

San Diablo’s Churro Maker with 9 churro nozzles, the churro mix (really easy you just need to add water), their classic cinnamon sugar, Dulce de Leche and some great party gear like an angel halo and devil’s horn.  You make about 13 churros with the kit so its the perfect size!  All you do is mix, fry and enjoy!  They also include great recipe ideas like getting creative and using honey, jam or even fudge to dip your churros!

You can also order replacement items very easily so you always have what you need on hand in your pantry.  These are so delicious and different; please check them out!