Uncle Matt’s New! Fruit-Infused, Cold Pressed Probiotic Waters


Uncle Matt’s New! Fruit-Infused, Cold Pressed Probiotic Waters are the latest in healthy beverages. Flavored water (including fruit-infused water) isn’t new. Cold pressed fruit juice isn’t that new either. What’s new is combining the two, and Uncle Matt’s is the first to do it.

As a person who is very concerned with the nutritional value and the safety of what I consume, it’s important to me to know exactly what the ingredients are. With Uncle Matt’s there’s no guessing. It’s made of fresh water, fresh citrus fruit, and GanedenBC30 probiotics (specifically, a patented version of Bacillus coagulans). They also add some of the fruit peel to the mix for extra antioxidants.

Believe it or not, the ingredients are not the only thing that affect the nutritional value of a supplement. It’s also important how the product is processed. It is the general consensus that cold press processing extracts the most nutrients from fruit. With the combination of cold pressed fruit juice, citrus peels, GanedenBC30 probiotics, and fresh water, Uncle Matt’s has created a new standard in enhanced water.

Uncle Matt’s New! Fruit-Infused, Cold Pressed Probiotic Waters are available in orange, lemon and grapefruit flavors. Personally, I’m a fan of lemon water, especially considering the alkalizing effect lemon has on the body. You’ll have to try them for yourself.

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