Uncork Black Friday Bliss: A Tasting Tale from Flora Springs

flora springs black friday
flora springs black friday

Picture this: a crisp autumn day, a cozy atmosphere, and a table adorned with bottles from Flora Springs. We embarked on a tasting journey, starting with the lively 2022 Rosé. The air was filled with bold raspberry aromas, and each sip revealed delicate watermelon and strawberry flavors. It was a symphony of taste, a prelude to the Black Friday magic that awaited.

Next up was the renowned 2018 Trilogy, Flora Springs’ flagship wine. A Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Petit Verdot, this wine showcased the essence of Napa Valley. Luscious notes of blackberry, black cherry, and ripe plum danced on our palates, leaving us in awe of its depth and elegance. It was a journey through the vineyards, a taste of the rich winemaking heritage.

Now, let’s talk Black Friday. Flora Springs is offering exclusive deals that make these exceptional wines even more irresistible:

  • The 2022 Rosé Six-Pack, originally priced at $192, now comes with a 35% discount, and shipping is as affordable as the echo of one bottle.
  • The 2018 Trilogy Half-Case Special, a masterpiece originally priced at $570, is now available at a 30% discount, with shipping mirroring the generosity of a single bottle.

And that’s just the beginning! With more enticing offers on Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Flora Springs is turning Black Friday into a vinous celebration.

Curious to explore these offers and make these wines a part of your own tasting adventure? Look no further. Visit Flora Springs Black Friday and uncork a world of exceptional wines at unbeatable prices. Cheers to the joy of discovery and the spirit of Black Frida