Union Burger Bar: The Perfect Fusion of Burgers and Sushi

union burger bar 2
union burger bar 2

We recently visited Union Burger Bar, and we were pleasantly surprised by this casual restaurant that offers upscale food and a diverse menu. The restaurant’s atmosphere was vibrant, with amazing live music that added to the overall dining experience.

One of the unique aspects of Union Burger Bar is its varied menu, offering something for everyone. From delectable sushi to mouthwatering nachos and indulgent milkshakes to gourmet burgers, the options were aplenty.

We found it particularly intriguing that we could enjoy both burgers and sushi, each holding its own in terms of quality and flavor. Our dining experience was a delightful mix of flavors and culinary traditions.

We sampled a range of items from the menu. One of us tried the CBD burger, and it exceeded expectations. The patty was perfectly cooked, hot and juicy, while the toppings remained refreshingly cold, making it a freshly made delight.

The Social Sushi Roll, featuring Toro, was impeccably done, highlighting the kitchen’s prowess in both the burger and sushi domains. The nachos were, hands down, some of the best we’ve ever had. Union Burger Bar also offers a private room, making it a great choice for hosting parties or gatherings.

The concept of serving sushi and burgers under one roof might seem surprising, but Union Burger Bar executed it brilliantly, providing a wide range of options to cater to all tastes.

What stood out for us was the restaurant’s ability to combine upscale quality with a relaxed bar atmosphere. As we dined, live music played in the background, and we enjoyed the company of a diverse crowd, including couples and families, which created a warm and inviting ambiance.

union burger bar 1
union burger bar 1

Union Burger Bar is also renowned for its milkshakes, and we couldn’t resist trying the peanut butter special. Going from fried pickles to sushi to a milkshake was certainly a unique culinary journey, and it made our visit to Union Burger Bar a memorable experience.

Situated in downtown Southampton, the restaurant’s location is perfect for those looking to explore Southampton on Long Island. Union Burger Bar offers a unique blend of the relaxed atmosphere of a bar with high-quality food that elevates it above the typical bar experience.

Union Burger Bar is a must-visit for anyone seeking a diverse dining experience that combines the best of both worlds – gourmet burgers and sushi, all in a welcoming and lively atmosphere. The restaurant’s unique concept, exceptional food, and live music make it a standout choice in the heart of Southampton. Address: 40 Bowden Square, Southampton, NY 11968.