Valentine’s Day Cheese Gift Boxes: Because Nothing Says Love Like Cheese

crave brothers udderly
crave brothers udderly

Well, move over, Cupid, because someone just had the brilliant idea to make Valentine’s Day cheesier than ever! Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, those daring dairy aficionados, are introducing the ‘Udderly in Love‘ gift box. Because when you think of romance, you definitely think of cheese, right?

Forget the clichéd roses and chocolates; this year, it’s all about expressing your undying love with a box of artisanal cheese. Crave Brothers has truly outdone themselves, offering a dairy lover’s dream – the kind of dream where you’re swimming in a pool of fondue while being serenaded by a cheese-wheel orchestra.

The ‘Udderly in Love‘ gift box isn’t just about cheese; it’s a journey into the heart of lactose-infused passion. Picture this: Heart-Shaped Mozzarella, because nothing says “I love you” like a cheese that stares back at you. And as if that’s not enough, they throw in their award-winning Chocolate Mascarpone, because, clearly, chocolate and cheese are a match made in some unconventional culinary heaven.

But hold your cheese knives, there’s more! Crave Brothers adds a personal touch with three customizable Valentine’s Day notes, featuring actual cows from their farm. Because when declaring your love, why not enlist the help of Gracious, Luna, Susie, and Lola? Choose your card wisely, with greetings like “I’m Over the MOO-n for You!”, “Our Friendship is A-MOO-Zing,” and the classic “Someone Loves Moo!”

And because handwritten notes are so last season, Crave Brothers encourages you to pen down your heartfelt message during checkout. They’ll hand-write it and include it with the box, ensuring your romantic gesture is as personal as a heart-shaped cheese can be.

All this cheesy love can be yours for just $12.00, proving that romance doesn’t have to break the bank – just your expectations. So, why not surprise your special someone with a ‘Udderly in Love‘ Gift Box this Valentine’s Day? Because nothing says eternal love like a refrigerator full of artisanal cheese. Crave Brothers – redefining romance, one cheese at a time.