Van Gogh Experience in New York

The Van Gogh Experience is conveniently located right in downtown Manhattan and across the street from the Conrad Downtown location where we were staying. The experience is broken into three different parts. The first part of the experience is a detailed and well-presented exhibit on Van Gogh. It goes into his life as well as explanations and backgrounds of his paintings.


The second part is the star of the show. The second part is a projection of Van Gogh’s art broadcast and animated in a 360° experience around this large room, including the floor. Reclined chairs and various small area rugs are dispersed throughout so you can sit or lie down and experience the show. This projection is an entirely immersive experience, including descriptions of each projection and accompanying music. This appeals to art lovers of every type and age. After this section, there is a spot where you can complete a coloring page that includes one of many famous paintings. After you color it, you can place it on a projector and display it on the wall.


Finally, there is an optional virtual reality experience where you put on VR gear and “walk” through Arles. It matches destinations with his artwork so that you can see his inspiration. You can purchase this separately or as part of the VIP experience. The VIP experience also includes a free poster, a great take-home gift after your kids become much more enraptured by Van Gogh.


The Van Gogh experience is so immersive and is appealing to families with kids of various ages. If you have a budding art lover, this is eye-opening.