Verb Hair Care

Whatever your hair type, Verb is there to give you the best care possible! Verb offers a hair quiz to see which type of products might be the best for your hair type and hair issues. Oily, damaged, dry, or fizzy, you will find the solution for you in their line of products!

image of several Verb hair care products

Verb has a mission to make the best hair care at one simple price. Any product comes at $20. Sprays, shampoos, mists, or conditioners, all come at this price. With over 40 different products, there is one that is perfect for you and your scalp! All Verb products are without parabens, gluten, or harmful sulfates and are PETA-certified cruelty-free. Hair specialists love and recommend them. We adored what Verb has done for our hair. It felt and looked better immediately!

VERB has a rewards program. Any dollar spent will give you one point, and 100 points are worth $10. So this is a 10% discount! But there are many more ways to get points than spending: follow them on social media, create an account, get it as a gift for your birthday, write a review, or read an article. So you are getting free products!

You can get the Verb products on their official website, or at any store near you present on their store locator.