Vivint Alarm Review

Vivint is a renowned alarm company whose name is familiar to many. In fact, when I informed my current Alarm Guy that I was switching to a Vivint alarm system, he understood my decision due to the company’s reputation.


Installation is a seamless process with Vivint. The installer arrives at your home and is quite respectful of your space. Our particular installer was especially meticulous, removing his shoes upon entering our home and always asking for permission before proceeding to the second floor. They explain everything in great detail and then some. Our installer, Ivan, checked every area where he wanted to install the sensors, and he was particular about the location of each piece of equipment. He explained the exact placement of each monitor and ensured they were aligned properly. This attention to detail was impressive, and we joked about it throughout the installation process. At the end of the process, we were shown a video to confirm that we understood everything.

If I had to break down the entire Vivint product into its top three components, the installation would be the first, the hardware second, and the app the third.


vivint 3
Vivint Installation


The Vivint system boasts a sleek design that integrates seamlessly with the app. However, for now, let’s focus on the hardware. The main command station is typically located near the door and serves as the heart of the alarm system. It presents a user-friendly interface that provides essential information upfront. If you want to delve deeper, you can perform basic alarm functions right from this panel. For example, you can disable a window sensor to open it at night or check whether your child’s bedroom window is locked with just a glance. The other two hardware components are the sensors and cameras. The cameras are extremely detailed and provide essential information for identifying anyone who enters your home. The clarity on both the camera and watching them on the app is top knotch.

The sensors are small and wireless, making them easy to install in new constructions. Since everything is wireless, you can install them in almost any building with relative ease. However, the batteries need replacement periodically, but the panel warns you when the battery is running low, making it manageable. Our installer also installed Wi-Fi boosters throughout the house, making it easy to deal with even in larger homes.

The cameras are sturdy and can handle inclement weather. They also connect to the app and the panel, providing real-time monitoring of your home. The photo I chose above was taken during a rainstorm to demonstrate their durability. Our neighbors noticed the cameras and commented that they looked more professional than typical webcams. This may act as a deterrent to potential intruders, as it indicates that we have a serious security system.

vivint camera
vivint camera showing how much rain was coming down

The hardware consists of the main command station, sensors, and cameras, all of which are integral to the Vivint system’s seamless operation.

It is worth mentioning that they changed the lock to an electronic one that is directly connected to the alarm system. This is quite useful as it allows you to remotely lock and unlock your front door. It is also worth noting that this lock has physical hard buttons. My previous lock had a flat sensor panel, which I found often froze in the cold, practically locking me out. The physical buttons are much less likely to do that.

They also included a front doorbell with a camera that goes off whenever someone rings the doorbell or approaches the house.

The system itself came with a smoke alarm and motion sensors. The only funny thing to note about the motion sensors is that they were quite useful for detecting if someone was walking in the house after their bedtime, as it would say that there was motion in the living room or kitchen, for example. Because these were also wireless, they blended seamlessly with the rest of the house.

The Vivint App

The app itself can be as complicated or not as you like. At the most basic level, a simple swipe allows you to arm and disarm the alarm system. However, in the first week or two, I found myself tweaking it quite a bit. There’s a degree of playing with the settings so that the camera does or doesn’t detect certain things. There’s a slight degree of experimentation that has to occur at this stage for you to find the exact sensitivities that the system will respond to. But that said, the app can be a godsend in moments when you’re wondering if you locked the front door.

I absolutely loved the feature where it would take note of a package left outside and alert you and watch the package itself.

I also, loved the activity log in the app was quite useful as it would also tell us who particularly entered the house. Each family member had a code, and we could even make a code for any guests or the search. This was quite useful if you ever wanted to see who came at what time.

vivint 4
Vivint app showing all activity

I’ve gotta say, when it comes to security, it’s like choosing between doorbells or webcams—everyone’s got their own preferences. Some claim this one’s got a better resolution, while others vouch for a different brand altogether. It’s a perplexing decision, I tell ya!  Now, here’s the kicker: this system I got? Seamless as can be. And trust me, I was skeptical at first. People throw around the word “seamless” like confetti, but it rarely lives up to the hype. But in this case, oh boy, it’s the real deal.

No hiccups, no communication breakdowns. The camera, the app, and the front panel, they’re like three musketeers working in perfect harmony. It’s a beautiful thing, really. You know, in the past, we had a bunch of different devices scattered around the house, causing chaos and confusion. But now, with this all-in-one system, life’s a breeze. One system to rule them all, if you will.

I can’t stress enough how crucial installation is. I mean, if things go haywire during setup, it’s a recipe for disaster. But guess what? Smooth sailing all the way! The installation process itself was a true reflection of the stellar communication between the components. It just clicked, you know?

Of course, with any project of this magnitude, you kinda expect a few hiccups along the way. It’s par for the course. But what matters to me is how it all pans out in the end. And let me tell ya, it’s been a picture-perfect outcome.

The system’s up and running, and after a few weeks, it’s become a seamless part of our daily routine. Easy to use, easy to adapt to. It’s like second nature now. A true game-changer for this stay-at-home mom.


Overall, the whole experience was extremely seamless and that’s really the big takeaway. The biggest benefit of a Vivint Alarm system is that it’s seamless. That’s the goal here. High quality and seamless.