Weekenda kit Collection – The new blue beauty haircare

I recently tried the “Weekenda kit Collection” from Jill Turnbull, a new line of green beauty haircare products. The kit comes in a reusable cotton pouch and includes five different products: TREAT, WASH, SERUM, TONE, and LEAVE.IN. TREAT is a 1/2 ounce pre-wash treatment that works overnight to restore balance to your scalp. WASH is a 2-ounce rebalancing shampoo that maximizes color longevity and protects against harmful free radicals. SERUM is a 2-ounce restorative blend of aloe vera and amino acids that helps to renew lustre to dry, damaged scalp and hair. TONE is a 2-ounce nourishing conditioner that is perfect for all hair types, but especially for fine, fragile, and damaged hair. Finally, my personal favorite, LEAVE.IN is a 2-ounce conditioning treatment that restores shine to dry, damaged, and brittle scalp and hair, while also helping to control frizz.

Here’s what’s included in the reusable cotton pouch,

  1. TREAT:  (1/2 ounce) a soothing pre-wash treatment to restore balance to your scalp overnight.
  2. WASH: (2 oz) a rebalancing shampoo maximizing color longevity, and protecting against harmful free radicals.
  3. SERUM: (2 oz) a restorative blend of aloe vera and amino acids to restore and renew lustre to dry, damaged scalp and hair.
  4. TONE: (2 oz) a nourishing conditioner that treats fine, fragile and damaged hair. Perfect for all hair types.
  5. LEAVE.IN: (2 oz) my favorite of the bunch!  A conditioning treatment to restore shine to dry, damaged, brittle scalp and hair.  It definitely helps with frizz control.

Not only is the kit vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, it also makes for the perfect travel companion. Most hotel shampoos and conditioners can be lackluster, but the Weekenda kit felt light, smelled great, and helped keep my chlorinated hair looking healthy and vibrant. Overall, I highly recommend giving this green beauty haircare collection a try.