What do Centrum Focus & Clarity and Solaray SharpMind Focus have in common?

image of a bottle of Centrum Focus & Clarity and a bottle of Solaray Sharpmind Focus both supplements to support brain health

Centrum Focus & Clarity and Solaray SharpMind Focus both contain the clinically studied brain health nutrient, Cognizin® citicoline, that helps support focus, attention, and alertness.

Centrum Focus & Clarity gummies tasted great. I added them to my daily routine to take with my other vitamins. It was easy to remember to take them every day. Also, the gummy form made it feel like candy. However, they are made with natural flavors. They didn’t cause any ill effects on my digestion. I feel like they helped keep me focused during the day. It was all in all a positive experience.

Centrum Focus & Clarity:
  • Supports advanced focus and attention
  • contains clinically studied brain health nutrient
  • come in the form of cherry vanilla-flavored gummies

The Solaray SharpMind Focus contains 30 VegCaps (vegetarian capsules or pills) each with 125 mg of fermented organic Lions Mane Mushroom, one of the best and most trusted brain vitamins.

Also nootropics, “cognitive enhancers,” can aid in getting a good night’s rest or energy support. Solaray’s SharpMind Nootropics deliver blends of clinically-backed ingredients to help you navigate your daily life. 

The key ingredient, clinically tested Cognizin® citicoline, in both the Centrum Focus & Clarity and Solaray SharpMind Focus may help support attention, focus, and recall.

What is citicoline?

It is a naturally occurring brain health nutrient that increases phosphatidylcholine to support cognitive health. It helps fuel better brain power with Solaray SharpMind Focus and Centrum Focus & Clarity.

It’s stimulant-free and non-habit forming.

Centrum and Solaray brand products are well-regarded, well-tested brands that have been around for years which is especially important when choosing a supplements brand, so I felt like these were brands I could trust.

Check the Centrum website for where you can purchase your Centrum Focus and Clarity gummies!  Check out the Solaray website for the Solaray SharpMind Focus VegCaps.

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