What is Five Star North

 I think I am honestly now fascinated by the company that is Five Star North.  They basically make various products as you see in this photo. This contains everything from a tofu press to liquid chalk to a fridge lock, and even world famous tabletop torches.

The first thing that fascinates me is that the business produces those every day gadgets you need, but at a higher quality. You’re not exactly going to have a company living and breathing off of making tofu pretzels all day but they have a variety of these odd products that they produce.

The second bit is that they sell only via Amazon. I find this so fascinating of our new economy that they basically live and breathe off of Amazon.

This is the new world. We now have businesses that can survive and grow not selling directly but selling it via the likes of Amazon. And that, to me is overall what makes this so fascinating.

This is a business with a very clear mantra of making products that you would rate 4 stars on Amazon. Hence the name. But they’re based right here in New Hampshire.

So, I’m not sure if I would expect you to have stumbled on the story looking for a tofu press or a refrigerator lock, but if you’re on Amazon and questioning if a product is more real or higher quality than another one, it’s an interesting differentiator to see that this American-based company is just trying to produce higher quality products.