What’s under that sexy strapless black dress? – Lollipetals


How many women come home and the first thing they do is take off their bra?  I mean there’s commercials about it and tons of memes indicating that women can’t wait to unleash.   I get it and sometimes you just want to feel free and uninhibited.  For me kicking off my shoes and unstrapping  my bra go hand in hand.   Once I get home I just want to feel comfortable and relax.   This is where the discovery of Lollipetals was life changing!   I have a sexy strapless black dress and the strapless bra just wasn’t comfortable enough.   I needed something better and Lollipetals was the something better.    What are Lollipetals ?   Lollipetals are adhesive pasties that are satiny smooth, superbly functional and above all, stunningly stylish.  The are made from the highest-quality silicone so they are very comfortable and could be worn all day without that uncomfortable feeling.  They are also reusable, up to 20 wears and hand washable.  Don’t your nipples simple deserve the best?    The stylish, almost tattoo looking rose petal design comes in various colors.   They are extremely sexy and give you that sexy feeling when wearing them.  You feel confident walking around because your nipples are essentially covered.  It is also intriguing to others which adds to that mystery – Is she or isn’t she wearing anything .   I love my Lollipetals!   They are so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them.