Whip Up Your Next Masterpiece With Polar Blend

We finally are getting our High School sports back where I live and we are super excited.  My son is going to practices, weight training sessions and really trying to eat healthy and clean.  He loves a great fresh fruit smoothie to start off the day and get his energy flowing.  Sometimes these smoothies can be a bit of a project with your bulky kitchen electrics so when I was asked to try out Polar Blend’s battery operated blender and mixer I was thrilled with the timing!

This is actual healthy options on the go.  You can make this easily in the kitchen, your office or even the car!  It will easily charge anywhere a USB device would be used.  You then just pop the cup off and enjoy your newly made masterpiece.  The cup is actually BPA and BPS free, holds 24 ounces of liquid, is leak proof and dishwasher safe.  This is a great cordless device; so no excuses any longer for not having the option!  I was so impressed to try it out.  There are two speeds – one for mixing and one for blending.  I used the stir button to blend our favorite soft fruit options like bananas and berries and then added some ice to crush using the blend button.

You will adore the quality and the ease of use wherever your busy day takes you!  I even found myself bringing this into the car and hitting blend when I saw my son walk off the field towards my car.  Now how is that for made to order! Grab up this great appliance now!  Price is also great around $70.