Who is Shevanne Robinson? – Exclusive Interview

Shevanne Robinson
Shevanne Robinson

As a mom, I understand the challenges of trying to stay healthy while juggling the responsibilities of parenthood. That’s why I was so inspired by Shevanne Robinson’s story. After watching her mother suffer from heart disease/stroke and dealing with her own fertility issues, Shev was quickly forced to make changes in her life to improve her own gut health. Now a celebrity personal trainer to Grammy award-winning recording artists H.E.R, Cardi B, and Justine Skye, Shev is an entrepreneur who is passionate about living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Shev is on a mission to truly revolutionize the health and fitness industry and is dedicated to educating people on ways to manage their health while staying in shape. She understands the positive impact community has on an individual’s fitness journey and has leveraged her position at Sunday II Sunday (leading an athleisure haircare brand), as The Head of Communications & Partnerships her affiliations with big name brands including Gym Shark and Nike to bring women together. Whether it is a ‘Mommy and Me’ Hike in the Hollywood Hills or a live stream fitness session garnering over 2,000 audience members, Shev is always down for a good sweat.

“You’ve mentioned being a mom has made you a better trainer, how?”

Shev has found that being a mom has allowed her to better understand the female body, which has made her a better trainer. “I used to help women who were trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or postpartum with technical solutions. Now I can offer real-life feedback,” she explains. “I understand the snap forward a little better, and I can provide solutions and the best service because of my firsthand experience.”

“Everybody talks about the ideal fitness body…. is there one?”

According to Shev, the “ideal fitness body” is a myth created by society. She believes in pushing the “best body for you” with her clients. “We are not all created the same, so the ‘ideal fitness body’ doesn’t exist in my opinion,” she says.

“Where does a mom find the time?”

For moms, finding the time to work out can be a challenge. However, Shev believes that moms always find a way to make it work. “When I had my daughter, I would map out her sleep schedule and break up my workouts,” she explains. “I would do cardio during her light naps and a full lift during her longer naps. As she gets older, she now joins me for lifting sessions and cardio. I think it’s pretty badass, and I love that she can watch my hard work and dedication to my health.”

“Is a five minute workout when I find the time enough?”

While Shev encourages everyone to move for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, she believes that any movement is enough. “Take those five minutes and make them the best five ever,” she advises.

Shev’s advice is not only inspiring, but also practical for busy moms. By prioritizing our health and finding creative ways to incorporate exercise into our daily routine, we can be the best version of ourselves for our families. She is a passionate entrepreneur who is dedicated to educating people on ways to manage their health while staying in shape. She believes in pushing the “best body for you” with her clients and encourages movement in any form. As a mom and a trainer, she understands the importance of finding time for exercise and how it can positively impact an individual’s fitness journey. Shev is a shining example of what it means to prioritize one’s health and the importance of hard work and dedication.