Who is Vee Rivera?

vee rivera
vee rivera

Vetzaba Rivera, also known as Vee Rivera, is a proud Latina from Delaware who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. In our exclusive interview we dive deeper into who is Vee Rivera!

Vee began her entertainment journey by co-starring with her husband Jo Rivera on MTV’s Teen Mom 2, and since then, she has grown her following by sharing her passion for beauty and motherhood. Vee’s mission is to inspire women, particularly moms, to pursue their goals with style and passion while showing them that they can have it all.

In 2017, Vee began her influencer career as a beauty guru, and she quickly grew her community of glam-loving fans. As the sole owner and operator of Vivid Belleza, Vee has brought her followers a piece of glam from her own heart, creating beauty products that are simple, high quality, and accessible for all. She has built an enthralled community that returns to her products time and time again.

Late in 2020, Vee began her podcasting career with co-host Kail Lowry, and they quickly amassed one million listens in their first few months on air, along with several brand partnerships. Vee’s fan base from Teen Mom 2 quickly took to her podcast career, connecting with her on a more personal level as a mother and co-parent. Every week, her audience tunes in to gather valuable parenting advice and friendship.

I had the opportunity to interview Vee and learn more about her journey and her tips for success. When asked if her social media audience came from Instagram or Teen Mom 2, Vee said, “I definitely had a following from Teen Mom, but a large following did accumulate from people interested in beauty.”

As a busy mompreneur juggling Vivid Belleza, her podcast, and her social media, Vee credits her success to having a good team of people surrounding her. “My best friend is my assistant and social media manager. I cannot take all the credit. To become a successful business owner, I believe that you need a good team of people surrounding you to help you make everything work smoothly. We have a great team of people who help with the podcast. You can’t do it on your own. It takes a village.”

When asked about what makes Vivid Belleza different, Vee said, “I focus on products that I feel will make women feel good. I also have taken staple pieces from my Latina background and have put it into my products. I love that I am able to put a little bit of myself in the products, and that my following loves that too. We have built a small community within Vivid Belleza, and I interact with my following by placing polls in my stories and learning what my following likes and dislikes to be able to provide the best variety of products in my brand as possible. I know that I am able to know what my audience likes and what they are looking for more.”

When asked about her secret to social media success, Vee said that consistency is key. “I have found it to be consistency. I am not perfect and don’t always follow this, but I find that if I am able to coordinate with my Social Media Managers that help, and we continue to establish a schedule, then we find that we keep momentum up on social media. I also think that you don’t need to be afraid to try other platforms. I started utilizing TikTok and being creative. I think that if people aren’t afraid to showcase their creativity and not fear the outcome, I think that it will surprise you how many views and followers you will gain.”

Finally, when asked where she sees her career in 5/10 years, Vee shared her goals for the future. “I would love to see my brand in a store. That is my biggest goal. I also would love my podcast platform to expand and even do a tour. I would also love to still be in the ‘influencer’ space. As I grow, I want my audience to grow with me.” With her drive, determination, and passion for what she does, there’s no doubt that Vee will continue to make strides in all of her endeavors. She’s already accomplished so much, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. Whether she’s sharing beauty tips, co-hosting a podcast, or being a mom, Vee Rivera is truly a force to be reckoned with.