Why Everyone Needs To Wear A Bidi Bidi Scarf

I recently added a Bidi Bidi Scarf to my wardrobe and I honestly couldn’t be prouder of myself.  I take you to Uganda where Obakki Founder Treana Peake came face to face with women and children who had fled to South Sudan to evade the brutal civil war violence.  These people or I would rather call them “warriors” are in desperate need of help and Peake knew she was the woman for the job.  She had these warriors create art and that very art is displayed on the beautiful scarf I am wearing and sharing with you.  The art is so super strong and emotional in heritage, the tragedy and suffering they endured and the hope of their future.

100% of the proceeds of these scarves go toward helping women rebuild their lives.  Since Peake began 1,000 wells have been drilled.  20,000 children have been given access to education.  2,000,000 people now have access to the clean water we take advantage of each day.  3,000,000 seeds have been planted.  This initiative is boiling over with great strides in agriculture, textile and trade.

Please visit their website The Obakki Foundation to learn more.  You can purchase the scarf ($39) among other items by visiting their shopping link.  This is truly an inspiring way to help make a change!

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