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Baby therapist, Karlton Terry, shares his expertise and offers informative and groundbreaking insight into the lives of babies. He describes, in a loving and intelligent way, what babies really go through during their birth. He has discovered the accessible language that babies use to articulate their experience and express what they need. He is the recipient of the 2022 DAVID CHAMBERLAIN AWARD for the Baby Pioneer Dedicated to the Safety, Health, and Wellbeing of the Unborn and Born Child.

This book is written for parents, grandparents, and baby practitioners. It is a well-founded manual for dealing with issues that are imprinted at birth, including colic, sleeping issues, transition issues, feeding, and bonding issues. Karlton shares several useful practices, such as mirroring the baby’s feelings. He further addresses the broad challenges of the birth journey that deeply affect us, shaping our way of life.


End Date: February 28,  2023

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