Win one of five copies of WWMD: What Would Marianne Do? Quotes to Live By and It’s Not My Fault: A Pangolin’s Manifesto


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WWMD: What Would Marianne Do? Quotes to Live By ($16.99 USD, $22.99 CAD)

WWMD: What Would Marianne Do? Quotes to Live By
is the perfect, pocket-sized guide to living your best, er―blessed―life just like everyone’s favorite earth goddess, Marianne Williamson, with over 100 of her most inspirational quotes to guide you. Need inspiration to shed some psychic baggage, find inner peace, or defeat a blustering, incumbent president? Do you find yourself asking, What would Marianne do? when confronted with oppressive systems, generational wounds, and all-around negative vibes? Do you long to cast out hate with the power of love—and a Cabaret drawl?

Well, in the words of Marianne Williamson, Oprah’s go-to spiritual guide, acclaimed author, and breakout star of the 2020 presidential race, “Girlfriend, you are so on.” Small enough to stash in your handbag, WWMD is a rich, take-it-with-you-everywhere source of new-age wisdom, sage advice, and whimsical anecdotes. Abounding with Marianne Williamson’s 125 best quotes and divided into sections such as Love, Ego and Haters, and Healing and Forgiveness, this illustrated compilation will have you laughing, smiling, and greeting each day with courage and compassion.

It’s Not My Fault: A Pangolin’s Manifesto ($17.99 USD, $23.99 CAD)

Pangolin. You may have seen the name on the news ticker, typed it into your search bar, or heard of it in relation to folk stories and remedies. In 2020, pangolins bore an unwieldy burden as the long-snouted face of the COVID-19 virus, when they were named a possible link in the spread of the disease. But what is a pangolin? With heartwarming images and witty revelations, It’s Not My Fault: A Pangolin’s Manifesto will set the record straight: teaching you about these elusive introverts, the dangers they may or may not present to humans, and the threats that they face as an endangered species.

This illustrated manifesto will clear up the tabloid misconceptions and reveal time-tested pangolin beliefs, including how looks can be deceiving (pangolins are more closely related to cats and dogs than lookalike reptiles like armadillos) and that curling up into a ball is always the best defense. Through the delightful drawings and clever captions that fill the pages of It’s Not My Fault: A Pangolin’s Manifesto, animal lovers of all ages will laugh, cry, and learn that even the most misunderstood members of the animal kingdom are worthy of a second look.


Five winners will win one copy each of  WWMD: What Would Marianne Do? Quotes to Live By and It’s Not My Fault: A Pangolin’s Manifesto



End Date: April 30, 2023

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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