Win one of five “Navigating Friendships” Book Series

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Win the first five books of the award-winning “Navigating Friendships” book series by counselor and author, Jennifer Licate. These quick-read chapter books focus on teaching children and preteens social and emotional skills through engaging stories. Readers will learn coping skills to help them with issues such as bullying, changing friendships, feeling different, and anxiety. The titles include He’s Not Just Teasing, I Lost My BFF, Am I Weird?, My Anxiety Is Messing Things Up, and Why Is Drama Always Following Me?  

The series can be used in so many settings, within the classroom, with small counseling groups or to read with your child and prompt important discussions. Four books in the series have won the Mom’s Choice Award, which has been recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly products. In addition, the series has won the Counselor’s Choice Award, which recognizes quality therapy tools.


Navigating Friendships” Book Series (including all released books He’s Not Just Teasing, Am I Weird?, I Lost My BFF, My Anxiety Is Messing Things Up, and Why Is Drama Always Following Me?



End Date: January 30,  2023

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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