Win Radiant Rhino Shower Steamer Bundle

Shower Steamer Bundle

Turn your shower into a luxurious spa with The Radiant Rhino shower steamers! Shower steamers are like bath bombs but for the shower. Unlike bath bombs, there are no lengthy set-ups or messy cleanups, and they get you from stressed to pampered in minutes. Our shower steamers are fragranced with luxurious essential oils to give you an uplifting, relaxing scent and create a soothing spa-like aromatherapy experience right in your own shower. Our shower bombs are made in the USA with premium ingredients and lots of love.


The lavender scent is great for a nighttime shower as lavender can help with relaxation and falling asleep. The Peppermint + Eucalyptus scent can help with nasal congestion relief and sinus relief. Lastly, our Tangerine + Orange + Tea Tree scent is great for morning shower time to elevate your day. Give yourself your much-deserved moment of self-care. You deserve it!


The Radiant Rhino Shower Steamer Bundle


End Date: March 31,  2023

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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