Yasso Poppables Redesigned

yasso popables
yasso popables


Snacking has never been so convenient and delicious with Yasso’s Poppables redesign. If you’re like me, you crave something sweet and crunchy to munch on while working or watching TV. But finding a snack that is both tasty and guilt-free can be a challenge. Luckily, Yasso’s Poppables come to the rescue!

The new design features smaller pieces, which means you can have more to snack on without the guilt. And, let’s be real, who doesn’t like to snack? It’s like a mini celebration in your mouth with every bite.

As someone who normally hates Greek yogurt, I was hesitant to try these Poppables. But after trying them, I have to say, Yasso has converted me. The creamy Greek yogurt filling is the perfect contrast to the crunchy quinoa coating, and the dark chocolatey flavor is the cherry on top.

The crunchy quinoa is so much smarter than some unhealthy crunchy stuff, and with only 35 calories per Poppable, I can enjoy these guilt-free. Plus, the new easy-to-eat resealable bag means I can snack throughout the day without worrying about them going stale.

Yasso has really thought of everything with this redesign. They’ve given us more of what we love with 50% more food to snack on*, a resealable bag to keep them fresh, and smaller pieces for a more snackable experience.

I love that I can indulge in a sweet treat without feeling guilty about it. These Poppables are the perfect snack for any time of day, whether it’s a mid-morning pick-me-up or a late-night treat. And with the new redesign, Yasso has made it even easier to enjoy them on the go.

Yasso’s Poppables redesign is a win-win for snack lovers everywhere. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also guilt-free with only 35 calories per Poppable. So go ahead, indulge in that sweet craving without any regrets. With the new resealable bag, you can enjoy them all day long.