The Young Scientists Club Science-Art Fusion kits

Science-Art Fusion is a series of kits available from The Young Scientists Club. These particular kits, as their name suggests, blend scientific concepts and inquiry with art for a truly creative experience. Designed for ages five and up, the Science-Art Fusion kits come with everything you need to conduct 10 experiments, many of which result in a souvenir of the experience.

One of the Science-Art Fusion kits is all about bubbles. Who doesn’t love bubbles? Some of the fun in this package includes experimenting with blowing bubbles, creating bubble foam, bubble slime, bubble paint, bubble sculptures, and even a miniature lava lamp! Why didn’t they have these when I was a kid?

Other Science-Art Fusion kits cover topics such as space, explosions, sculptures, rainbows, and crystals. Just like the bubbles kit, each comes with everything needed for 10 activities. The thing I like the best about these kits, though, is that they come with a poster that summarizes the activities. The Young Scientist Club suggests taking pictures of each experiment and/or creation and then placing them on the poster over the description to make a custom gallery.

To read the descriptions of the other Science-Art Fusion kits, or explore the other products offered by The Young Scientists Club, you can visit their website at

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