Yummy Easter Basket Add In Treats!

Easter is hopping this way really soon and I am about to help you grab up all the snacks you need for a yummy basket your family will love!

Flipz: Ok who doesn’t love chocolate, pretzels, peanut butter and caramel.  Like it isn’t possible.  The company has been bringing us chocolate covered pretzels for some time now but new to their offerings include Flipz Stuff’d (pretzel nuggets stuffed with peanut butter and covered in milk chocolate) and Flipz Bites (milk chocolate clusters filled with caramel and pretzels).  Honestly, I ate the samples I was sent and now I have to buy them for the baskets because they were incredible.

BulletProof Collagen Protein Bars: so these are the perfect keto friendly snack for your baskets.  They are made with collagen protein that supports skin, bones, and joints but you not need to beat yourself up over snacking afterward with these.  Many flavor options; I tried the coconut and the double chocolate options and both did not disappoint.  Check out their other awesome items that will help you rest, rejuvenate, restore and more!

Dutch Stroopwafels: How about an authentic Dutch treat for the baskets!! These are just a dream come true.  These are yummy waffle treats with delicious caramel syrup (the stroop) inside.  You will be hooked from bite #1; these are different and you will never want to be without them in your pantry again.  A few flavor options – if I were you I would steal one from the kids and enjoy with your morning coffee.