Yummy New Canned Beverages

I get so bored drinking water and coffee all day at work.  I am always on the hunt for a new and exciting way to keep myself hydrated yet have a delicious and satisfying beverage on my hands.  Check out two of my new favorites that I am keeping stocked in my work fridge.


Ugly Flavored Sparkling Seltzer: I know, the name is scary.  But they are so so good!  Ugly is the new awesome!  This is simply sparkling water and real fruit flavorings.  Absolutely NO sugar, sweetener and calories.  They are also non GMO, sodium free, vegan friendly and the can has a BPA free liner.  I mean these are so honest I have my kids taking them to school in their lunch bags.  So many awesome flavors like lemon lime, peach, cherry and pink grapefruit.  Now I am going to blow your mind with their innovative and limited edition flavors like “Dr Ugly”, sour apple, marshmallow, cherry cola, orange soda and my personal joy pumpkin spice!  Regular flavors run between $18-20 for a case of 12, the limited edition flavors are about $30 for 12.  These are the real deal and will change your mind about “regular seltzer”.

Moment Meditation Drinks: These are delicious drinks that contain natural adaptogens that will increase your alpha brainwaves and let your reset your mind.  Perfect for the mid week work day slump in my opinion.  Now what if I told you they also contain no caffeine, no added sugar, are keto friendly, really refreshing and contain almost no calories??!!  I have been sampling their amazing options and couldn’t be calmer and happier.  Flavor options like hibiscus/dragon fruit/botanical water, rooibos/blood orange/botanical water and tulsi lemon/botanical water make certain we can all be zen and find the flavor that we adore.