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I love a product that allows me to provide my family with a healthy option that does a body good.  All of Zarbee’s multivitamin and immune support items are made from natural ingredients, hand-picked and totally alcohol and drug free.  Company founder “Dr. Zak” was striving to find a way to help his patients and own boys find relief from coughs without the hazards of drugs etc.  He saw that honey was effective and from there his cough syrup was created.  My house is trying out a bunch of their wonderful products.  Their “Children’s Multivitamin” are gummies sweetened with honey, packed with vitamins and all-natural goodness.  Both of my kids voluntarily gobble them up.  I am also happy to have on hand  their “Immune Support & Multivitamin” drink mix which is basically natural berry flavored powder I can add to cold water and know that I am getting all essential vitamins to keep me going in a world of germs.  Now I must let you know the next product I tried, their “elderberry gummy immune support” are quite frankly delicious.  I almost cannot believe they are helping me fight the everyday germs my family encounters.  Pop a few of these as soon as you think you need a little extra punch.  And for when you feel the cough, hoarseness, dry throat or irritation there are amazing “honey cough soothers”.  We are sampling both “natural citrus” and “natural mint” and they are packed with what you need for relief.  They are both delicious and helpful so home-run.  Please visit their website for all their awesome products:

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