ZENB’s Bold New Offerings: Pasta and Ramen Reimagined

zenb latest products
zenb latest products

ZENB is stirring up excitement this season with their latest additions that promise to revolutionize mealtime. Imagine pasta and ramen like you’ve never tasted before, crafted for today’s busy families, adventurous souls, and health-conscious eaters.

ZENB Pasta Sides Variety

Step up your side dish game with ZENB Pasta Sides — a lineup that’s as quick to cook as it is delicious. Made entirely from yellow peas and gluten-free, these sides are not just a meal addition; they’re a flavor-packed experience. From the creamy Cashew e Pepe to the zesty Chili Fiesta, each dish boasts at least 12g of protein and 7g of fiber per serving. Perfectly al dente and bursting with chef-inspired seasonings, they turn every meal into a culinary adventure.

ZENB Ramen Variety

Take your taste buds on a journey to Japan with ZENB Ramen. Crafted using 100% yellow pea noodles straight from Japan, these ramen pouches redefine comfort food. Whether you savor the rich Vegan Tonkotsu, the umami-packed Shoyu (offering 11g fiber per serving), or the fiery Spicy Miso, ZENB Ramen delivers authentic flavors with every slurp. Packed with 18g protein and 12g fiber per serving, these gluten-free, non-GMO bowls are not just meals; they’re a celebration of real ingredients and bold taste.