ZUS Smart Car Charger

There’s a new car accessory out that you may find interesting. It’s called ZUS Smart Car Charger.

ZUS Smart Car Charger plugs into your car’s charger. It has two charging ports on the sides so that you not only maintain your charging source, but you double it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the car with my husband or my teenager and we both need to charge our phones. With ZUS Smart Car Charger we don’t have to figure out who has a charge that will last the longest or who’s phone access is more important. We can charge our phones simultaneously, and it’s pretty quick too. It can charge both our phones in less than two hours, which is really great for when we are traveling out of town.

ZUS Smart Car Charger is also advertised as an automatic car finder, which can be pretty handy. How many times have you walked out of the store and realized you forgot where you parked? This is especially true for me when I shop somewhere out of the ordinary, or pull into the parking lot from a different direction and end up parking in an area that is not where I usually park.

ZUS Smart Car Charger works with an app on my smartphone, and it helps me get to my car’s approximate location quickly. That’s always good, but especially when the weather is bad or I have my kids with me and they’re being whiny or fussy. It works by sending a GPS signal to your phone’s app as soon as you turn the car off. Its accuracy depends on your GPS capabilities and signal. Also, it’s not designed to work in multi-level parking lots/garages. So, it’s helpful, though not perfect.

Anyway, ZUS Smart Car Charger has more uses than just charging your phones or helping you find your car. I guess that’s a selling point of a lot of things these days… “but, wait! There’s more!” It has a timer on it that will tell you when your meter time is almost up so you can put more money in it, or move your car and avoid getting a ticket. This is obviously good if you park in a time limited space. It can also log your mileage for you, and monitor your car’s battery efficiency.

If you keep in mind that its main purpose is to charge up to two devices at twice the speed of their competitors, you’ll realize that ZUS Smart Car Charger is a high quality, effective and inexpensive product, and you won’t be too disappointed if the other features don’t live up to your expectations. Overall, I think it’s a pretty cool device.

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