2020 Has 2020 Gifts? A Collection of Amazon 2020 Gifts

Yes, 2020 is a horrible, no good year.  That said, does it come as any surprise that 2020 now has gifts to remember the year?   Leave it to Amazon to have a collection of 2020 gifts to remember the worst year our generation has ever known.

I mean we only had a pandemic, hacking, global warming, riots, an election from hell.  What else can go wrong in 2020? Lets celebrate it with an Amazon gag gift. Grrrrr. I hate my life.

Maybe you love ratings with your coffee?







Would you like some toilet paper delivered with a label?  Would you like to spend more on toilet paper than you need to?







A simple mug but clearly states how I feel. And it does go the extra mile to add the viruses as the zeros.







This is probably the best looking of the bunch.







Similar rating as above but a cute gift.







This has to be the best of the lot.  It works as a mask and is relatively reasonably priced.  I ordered this because well, I do hate masks and I simultaneously hate talking to people so this gets across the message.





Yes, after this year, I do need a therapeutic coloring book. Why Thank you!  Now if I had health care I could afford some real therapy instead of a coloring book, but I’ll take this.


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