Trademark Collection By 8 Sway

I am sitting here debating if I have enough paper towels and toilet paper and my mind just goes to pampering myself.  We are list keeping, mommy worrying bundles of nerves lately.  I feel like we all need a vacation (but where for heavens sake) and a stiff drink.  For now, I am checking out these great products from 8 SWAY  and their TRADEMARK body oil collection.  I cannot tell you how cool this product is and you will find yourself going through their various aroma and enrichment options and wanting to buy them all.  A 3.4 oz bottle will run you about $48.00 (less if you subscribe to a plan and quite frankly I feel like you will all want to).  First you pick your skin boost (extra moisture, sheen, healing or antioxidants).  Mine selection of course is antioxidants as that is EXACTLY what we all need right now.  The next step is choosing your Aroma and again, so many cool choices.  I have “Outlaw” which is a yummy blend of clary sage, sandalwood, vanilla, geranium and lavender.  Also available is Vanilla + Yuzu, Neroli +Rose, Bouquet, Beach Colada, Patchouli, Exquisite and Cellulite-Targeting.  All of these scents have pure essential oils and naturally-derived ingredients.  Finally, you pick your enrichment which is just another fun “topping” you can choose.  Due to the pandemic, “black tourmaline” which is protective and grounding seemed like the perfect option to have floating and mixing through my signature oil.  So many other choices that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, healing, soothing, energy and detoxifying powers.  You will have so much fun creating yours and the best part is you can literally have a new combination every time you order one!

Aren’t quite sure which option(s) to choose yet?? How about scooping up their amazingly priced discovery kit that contains 8 3ml trial sizes so you can try them out and decide your personal faves!  Just $1.00!