3D innovations Personalized Crystals

There are many products out there to be used as keepsakes. Pictures are printed on all types of media. 3D innovations have taken keepsakes to a whole new level. This company uses special technology to etch any picture on a crystal. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from including hearts and their prestige collection which is such a unique shape. With all these choices there is something for everyone. These crystal keepsakes make great trophies and last a lifetime.


It’s also a great gift for grandparents to make a permanent image right into a crystal. They have examples of back to school presents which is also an idea that I never thought of before.


An optional LED light base illuminates your custom design for that extra pizazz. The light up crystals are a look that really works for a china closet or a bookshelf.  Can you imagine grandma’s face seeing little Johnny lit up on the shelf? So often I’ve ordered photos for the grandparents but I think this is a different and more creative option.  Another option is a table centerpiece to really have it be the showcase.

They offer free shipping like keychains and necklaces to fit your taste.


Check out https://www.3d-innovation.com/.