Honestly, no one knows yet what Halloween will look like and it is a super bummer that this year of all years it falls on a Saturday.  Can we trick or treat safely in a way that we aren’t “totally grossed out” as moms…only time will tell.  But we can get ready and start stocking up on our treats.  Hell…I will just eat them anyhow like usual.  LOL.

Zolli Candy is a brand you really should consider for this year.  They are the Clean Teeth Candy.  I know what you are thinking; what does that actually mean?!?  The company was born when a 7 year old innocently asked her father “why can’t they make a lollipop that is actually good for your teeth”.  These treats are all natural, sugar free, gluten free, non GMO, dairy free, nut free kosher and vegan friendly!  Talk about a “bring to school treat” dream come true!  The Zolli Pops taste really good – my whole house put them to the test.  So many great flavor options like grape, pineapple, strawberry, orange, cherry and raspberry.  We are also loving Zolli Drops as a great hard candy option.  They come in fun fruit and mint flavors and there is no guilt in having one since it is actually cleaning your teeth as you enjoy.  Same thing with their Zaffi Taffy – enjoy a chewy gooey treat with absolutely no guilt!

Check out this great company when filling your Halloween candy bowl this year! They are available at all your favorite retailers!