Four Great New Mommy Gift Ideas

Check out some great new mommy gift ideas Famadillo is checking out this week.  We love these products and want you to know about them too!

Lansinoh Postpartum Recovery Essentials ($49.99):  This is one-stop shopping for everything a new mommy needs for cleansing, soothing, and cooling relief following childbirth.  These products are soothing and designed for exactly what the new mommy needs.   The first step is the upside-down wash bottle to clean sore and tender areas.  Step 2 is this great herbal spray that cools your sore perineum.  The third step is the hot and cold postpartum pack that helps with perineal, hemorrhoidal, and c-section discomfort.  You can use these right out of the freezer or microwave.  This is a great set to have on hand, ready when you need it.

ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag (0.2-2.5 TOG price ranges $39.95-59.95): These keep your baby warm and snug without needing blankets.  One less thing to worry about in the middle of the night.  Very easy to convert to open arms when baby is ready.  Side note; TOG relates to “Thermal Overall Grade” and means that the higher the number the warmer the potential of the pouch.

Evenflo Balance + Standard Neck Bottles ($11.99/3pk): These feature very unique and naturally sloped nipples and help prevent colic, gas, and fussiness.  I love how they flow a little more slowly; this helps for a gulp-free easy-going experience.  Bottles are also BPA-free and made from FDA-approved food-grade material.

Lulla Doll ($49.99): Here is your miracle sleep companion for preemies, babies, and toddlers.  Very soft doll with soothing “real-life” breathing and heartbeat sounds.  The doll can play for 12 hours to provide all-night comfort.  It can safely be attached to crib/bed/stroller via velcro strap.  It is machine washable and takes AA batteries.  Amazing doll every new mommy needs!

Check out these great items!