4 New Skin Care Items For The Winter Blues

Baby it’s cold outside; and with that comes that super drying skin we all suffer from.  Oh; and all the hand sanitizer isn’t helping in that department at all.  Check out these great new products I am loving to help ward off the winter blues!!

Gorgeous Rx Moisturizer:  These products are dermatologist (Dr. Sonya Johnson) derived skincare products that brings quality and TLC to your skin.  The Hydrating Moisturizing Cream ($40)  brings hydroxyl acids and retinoids to increase moisturization within 24 hours.  Irritation will be a thing of the past!  Amazing results!  Renewal Moisturizer ($20) is working it’s magic on my serious dry and flaky skin.  This is a must if you suffer from Keratosis Pilaris and other conditions that cause your skin to be irritated and itchy.

Flight Mode High-Altitude Hydration Mask: ($39) how about some serious skin hydration happening while you sleep??  Australian wildberry harvest and hyaluronic acid will make that happen for you!  The mask also has awesome infusions of aloe vera and cucumber so your next day starts with you super refreshed.  Couldn’t be easier either; you just apply to your face and leave on to do it’s work.

Butter By Keba: How about some premium moisturizers with awesome plant based ingredients and aromatherapy??  I mean for this girl…sign me the heck up!  Their Body Butter  ($32) is simple luxury.  This is going to melt into your skin like actual warm butter.  I’m not kidding.  And it is NOT greasy at all like so many other body butters out there.  Oils like grape seed, candelillaa was and rice bran oil combine a nice lubricant with shine and even some help with fine lines/wrinkles.  So many great fragrances – I personally adore Lotus Nut which is a great combination of jasmin/rose/coconut.  Also noteworthy are their Roll On Perfume Oils ($25).  These are so incredible and contain no harsh chemicals/paraffin, petroleum.  8 amazing fragrances; but my personal favorite is Lavender Cami (lavender and chamomile).

Minty + ReliePH: ok so if you suffer from eczema like my children this is your ace in the hole.  These products are going to control the itch, provide a skin barrier and hydrate/moisturize.  This will help with all the gross irritation as well; so many of the products out there for this condition contain steriods- I am happy to report these products are safe for daily use and contain absolutely no steriods of any kind.  Their Hand & Body Balm ($26.95) is really light and contains really refreshing ingredients like vitamin E, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil and more.  It is safe to use all day as needed; also always apply right after showering or washing your hands to lock in that moisture.  The Soothing Scalp & Body Serum ($25.95) is like heaven in a bottle.  This is immediate itch relief not just for eczema but also dermatitis.  The product comes with this cool mist cap so you can easily spray right on your clean skin after bathing.  You can also apply right to your scalp.  The cooling sensation really helps!  They also offer a great bundle of these products for just under $50.