Epson RR-70 Is a Remote Receipt Scanner for the Mom on the Go

Epson RR70I hate receipt and I hate bulky tech.  I hate receipts and bulky tech and this solves both of those problems.

The Epson RR-70 is a remote receipt scanner which is probably the crazy reason why it’s an RR in the title.

First of all, this little package has everything one needs to get rid of those pesky receipts.

It charges automatically from the micro-usb and has a decent battery that can hold up for a while.

It includes receipt management software so that you’re not scanning and just wondering what to do next.  I love that it even connects right to Quicken.

But the best thing is the size. This thing is tiny and just basically the width of a piece of paper. It’s ridiculously light.

I would have shown you the photo of me throwing it in my pocketbook, but it’s seriously that simple.    Like it really is about the weight of a cell phone so it’s really a simple way to take scanning on the go.

Now I suppose you could scan your receipts while you’re at the restaurant, but that might be getting a bit silly.

That said, I could easily envision ripping through receipts while I do QUicken while watching the kids at soccer. I mean other moms relax, but how can I?  I got stuff to do!