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January is right around the corner.  I need to be healthier and start with hitting the pavement again.  Walking/Running or a mix of the two is just what I need to improve my mind and body.  If I am alone or going in the “almost dark” hours it is nice to finally have some quality products from 4id to help me along the way.  PowerSpurz ($20) quickly attach to the heel of your sneaker and light up with LED lights.  The included batteries last around 100 hours and are weatherproof, so no excuses.  PowerLacez ($15) are exactly that; light up laces.  I just want to point out how bright they really are.  I was really impressed!  You can run the lights constant, flash or slow flash as is your preference.  I have green but they also come in pink, blue, white and red.  The husbands favorite product in the line are their PowerArmz ($20), or light up armbands.  Once again, strong and bright LED lighting and are totally waterproof.  Finally, we are loving the Powerorbz ($12) which has so many household uses its ridiculous.  This is a bright light that comes in super cool colors (I have green but also comes in pink, blue, red, white and multi).  You can clip this “bulb” to your jacket, bike, backpack, tent, closet or really anywhere in your room/hall that a light would be needed.  This works for 100,000 hours and could even be great for a power outage!  Please check out all 4id’s great products!

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