Lots of holiday entertaining going on in this house; thrilled to be armed with great oils/vinegar from extravagonzo.  Olive oil has so many great health benefits; the perfect way to ring in your New Year’s resolutions.  The infused flavors are amazing and we are boosting immunity, being heart healthy and just cooking with an amazing product all at the same time.  I was thrilled to try out a sample of their Balsamic Vinegar and Jalapeno Lime Olive Oil.  I have been using the vinegar as both a dipping sauce and in salads; the flavor is second to none.  I was even compelled to try along with berries and while I never thought to pair the two, the result was delicious.  The cost is $15.49 for a 6.8 oz bottle.  Now,  olive oil I can incorporate into pretty much any meal.  I use it as a base for cooking stove top, in salads, on meats/poultry, I toss in pastas and veggies; you name it.  I also adore a little heat in my meal, so “jalapeno lime” was an excellent choice for me.  This is grape seed oil meets EVOO meets awesome kicking flavor.  $13.99 for a 6.8 oz bottle.   There are so many other awesome flavors and products available; I just tried these two so far!  New Year New You in the kitchen!  Did I forget to mention these products are gluten-free??

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