5 Great Beauty/Skincare Products You Need To Know About

I am always on the hunt for new and amazing skin and beauty items and luckily this job brings me so many of them to test out!  Here are a few new ones I have been checking out and want to share with you.

Top Soap: this is easy to use and really affordable refill soaps for your hands and the dishes.  Silly dispensers are hard to refill without making a huge mess.  I know myself I always overflow them and waste so much product.  This soap refill has this easy pour spout that you squeeze neatly and refill without needing a roll of paper towels!  These are made in the USA, great for your skin and cost about $6 per pouch.

Uniqurl Hair Oil: These products are made for women who are trying to get their hair back from the damage and breaking that all the styling can cause.  So many great options to choose from (shampoos, conditioners, creams, oils and more).  Their hair oil is delightful.  This keeps your hair fully moisturized for days without the gross greasiness that these oils usually cause.  The cost is $13 for the bottle.

Man Made Wash: okay this is really great for upcoming Father’s Day.  These are cleverly designed to look like dads favorite bottle of bourbon.  We are talking body wash, hair spray, clay’s, waxes and more.  The cutest gift sets every I may add.  Pricing is very reasonable $12-45 depending on the item.

Focus EZ: Listen; we are all tired and could use a boost in our attention span and concentration.  That mid-day slump is starting to take hold in the morning for crying out loud!  All you do is take 1-2 capsules in the AM to start and nootropics, hemp and adaptogens help to improve mind.  I love how it is helping with my multitasking at work!

Merle Norman Tinted Lip Balm: so this company’s cosmetics are luxury.  We have talked about them before.  What started out as cosmetics born in her kitchen, Merle Norman brings you the best in her beauty empire.  I am loving their tinted lip balms; I have two beautiful pink hues that I can’t help but use daily.  This is great color along for the ride with shea butter to nourish your lips.  The cost is $22 and the shine is great!  You are in good hands with all of their awesome products.  Merle Norman is the perfect site for Mother’s Day shopping!

Check all these great goodies out for yourself or someone on your gift list.