SennHeiser Momentum True Wireless 2 – Unbelievable High End Quality

SennHeiser Momentum True Wireless 2I raced to open the mail as I’ve heard of the SennHeiser Momentum True Wireless 2 and had to see for myself.


“How do they compare to an AirPod?”


It’s a dangerous comparison because the basis starts off from the perspective of the AirPod being the standard. But that said, that’s where I felt every article I researched went to, so of course I was naturally inclined to wonder the same.


That said, with that dangerous comparison in mind, I have to say that these have now surpassed my AirPods Pro’s.




I took the simple photo of the SennHeiser MTW2  in my hands because right from the beginning, you could see that these have their own style to them. There is elegance in the design of the Pods themselves with the professional-looking package and the cloth material case. There is a familiarness, but yet you can see these are something different.


These are the kind of pods that look amazing for a wedding, a high-end business meeting, or any high end event. I would wear them to investor meetings or meetings in the city.


Plus, you don’t have to buy a fancy and pretty case cover as it’s already there.


Sound Quality


Besides the look, the sound quality is so amazing. I’m not going to escalate this into terms of better or worse pods, AirPods. But I could say at the start that these and now my day-to-day listening devices. The sound quality is truly another level. It is so full and balanced they remind me of the quality of wired headsets. I found in testing a few different songs that I could hear elements of the songs with these SennHeiser more than I could with other devices.


The app itself comes with an equalizer feature and even allows and even to customize the controls any which way you like.


The only criticism would be the learning curve in terms of how to get them in your ear, as they’re a pretty different design than I was used to. I found I kept on pressing the wrong button the first few times, but once you get past that the learning curve, you’re more than fine.


These are the kind of pods that will leave you racing to rip open the package. I found myself listening to Spotify for the next few hours, losing my mind and how much better it sounded and how the quality was just so much fuller.


To say that I am in love with these is clearly an understatement. These are just so amazing they have become my newest favorite device.

These are on sale on Amazon right now.