A Kid Friendly Weekend in Plano, Texas

Our junior reporter spent the weekend in Plano, Texas answering the question:

Why Plano?

She saw some of the top, kid-friendly attractions in the town and made this report for our YouTube channel.  As good parents, we felt the best parenting is forcing the child to actually do the work so we locked her in the room for hours listing her favorite things about Plano.

You’ll see highlights such as Pinstack bowling, Legacy West, Wow Donuts and horseback riding on the same ranch where Dallas was filmed. Ask us if the kid even knows what Dallas is?   But she loved the horses!

We found it actually a really family friendly area and without the hustle and bustle of staying in downtown Dallas.  You could easily jump from destination to destination and avoid the “city feel” of Dallas itself while having more than a handful to do in downtown Plano.

If you’re wondering if Plano could be a good destination or choice while visiting Dallas, check out the video.





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