Cool Mommy-Daddy Products We Love!

Summer means travel, quick packing and quite honestly convenience in this crazy busy house.  I love me a new product that allows for ease of any kind.  Check out what my house thinks of these three cool products:

SipCaddy:  People; it is summer.  No judgement.  Kids are home…ALOT.  I know myself, personally the only place I have any peace and quiet is the shower.  This fantastic cup holder perfectly suction cups right to your porcelain, acrylic, glass or smooth tile shower wall.  It will expertly hold cups, cans, stemware, plastic bottles and much more!  This comes in a few color options and will run you just under $14.00.

Toddler Mon!tor:  What if I told you I knew about a kid monitor that will get you a few extra Mommy/Daddy intimate moments because you will hear the sensor going off on their bedroom door?!?  I’m dead serious – this wonderful item will hang from your child’s room doorknob and will alert you if your toddler leaves their room.  This is super small and easy to pack and will fit on pretty much any doorknob.  It contains a rechargeable battery so you can use over and over again with ease!  Even more awesome; there is this great APP that helps you work with the monitor and when your little crafty toddler is “on the move”.  This comes in multiple colors and runs about $90.00 for one.

Teddy The Dog: Honestly, the dad’s get all the comfort and the glory.  Please check out this cool company that provides gifts and T-shirts to the Dog Lover in your life.  The Company gives back with every purchase; if you check out their website they will tell you the “donation of the month”.  I love all the cool phrases and witty sayings on these super comfortable shirts.  Shirts run around $30.00 and their website has cool “2 for” deals if you want to scoop up a bunch!  This product line is fun and witty!

Please check out these awesome product ideas.  Think birthdays, holidays etc.  Grab for yourself and cross some people off your list already!

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