Morning Complete For Your Daily Activated Wellness!

Let’s face it – we aren’t getting any younger so bring on the necessary vitamins/supplements and “helpers” to aid our bodies throughout our hectic days.

This past week my husband and I tried out a great daily wellness drink called Morning Complete by ActivatedYou.

This is a pretty cool blend of much needed nutrients in areas that help with digestion, energy and overall wellness.  It contains prebiotics (for gut regularity), probiotics (for enhanced digestion) and energy nutrients (leafy greens).  From day one I totally notice a difference in my energy levels.  I have no more need for the extra cup of coffee to get me through the mid-day slump.  And that is a blessing because all the caffeine really does is dehydrate me and make me jittery.

All you need to do is simply put one scoop in 8 ounces of water and you are on your way.  It has a rather pleasing apple cinnamon flavoring.  This “super” blend is packed with spinach, kale, turmeric and more.  Also supports liver and cellular functioning.  The adaptogen blend will help with your stress management.  Antioxidants will give you some much needed protection from all these germs everyone talks about all day long.

One jar costs about $79; totally worth it when you think about all the money we waste on coffee and silly expensive energy drinks.  This is like one stop shopping for everything you need.

Check it out!