String Sling

Where are my musical people?  My nephew has recently taken up the guitar so I was thrilled to receive String Sling to review and check out.

What is String Sling? This is the “Ultimate Guitar Accessory”.  If you are a guitar collector it is very important to protect your investment.  This is super soft, plush microfiber that will protect your strings.  It includes a storage pouch perfect for picks and whatever else you need.  The strap is super comfortable so you can play and not feel any kind of strain.

I received their String Sling with strap locks and picks ($42.95).  When you use this as a strap you will find out ASAP that it stays secure and is very comfortable.  This is really strong elastic too; really impressive.  The guitar will simply not slip or feel heavy at all.  It is made from microfiber cloth; so think outside the box.  You can also use the product to wipe down your guitar.  One more comment about the pick storage pouch; very accessible!  From what I hear from my musician nephew, this product is a must if you swing your guitar over your neck.  This is secure, comfortable and convenient.

Check it out!